‘Futurism’ Paintings by Dottori.


Futurism was the Italian movement most controversially remembered for allying with Mussolini’s National Fascist Party.
The Futurist art movement was much more inclusive and borrowed from other schools such as Cubism and Impressionism to convey the speed of technological advancement that was a key part of their manifesto.
This exhibition at the Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art displays a breadth of work by Gerardo Dottori, a Futurist painter, who used many of these techniques to build up a varied portfolio.
His use of angular lines brings an energy to his work, whether it be rays of sunlight reflecting off a tower or the intense flames of a fire in the middle of a city that makes the surrounding buildings glow a foreboding red.
His landscapes are impressive and one particularly inspiring view is of jagged mountains towering over the contrasting green rolling fields beneath them.
via Futurist Paintings By Gerardo Dottori | Londonist.

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