‘The Hoons of Australia’ c.1970s.

A Hoon is a male Aussie Wanker generally from Queensland or New South Wales who thinks he is a supercharged Vin Diesel when he gets behind the wheel of his car. They like to do “burn outs” and go the wrong way down a one way street. They love playing “chicken” with other morons. They […]

Old Guv Nicknames.

Here are just a few that come to mind: “The Toff, Planner 9 or Cruel Man” – Alex Riley (snob and Jaguar Owner). “Sputnik” – Edgar Andrews (would only see him once every hour). “Ankles” – Ron Fletcher (Boss who was three feet lower than a ####). “The Flash” – Don Woolman (Grubby Hartshorne claims […]

Airships from the Past.

Here’s a gallery of beautiful air vehicles of the past Pax, a colorful airship, constructed by a Brazilian inventor named Augusto Severo. The inventor was killed in Paris in 1902 when the airship rose steeply and exploded. (Photo by Henry Guttmann/Getty Images) USS Los Angeles, upside down after a turbulent wind from the Atlantic, Lakehurst, New […]

The Cave of Zugarramurdi.

Contributors: philoursmars, EricGrundhauser The yawning caves near the town of Zugarramurdi in northern Spain may not be covered in impressive rock formations, but the cavernous space has long been rumored to have been home to witchcraft and other pagan practices that were once the focus of the largest single witch trial in history. According to […]

Perillos was Roasted to death by his own Brazen Bull.

Of all the inventors on this list, this guy may be the one who most deserved to die at the hand of his own invention. Perillos was a bronze worker who designed a device called the Brazen Bull to be used to painfully execute criminals. The Brazen Bull was a hollow bull. Prisoners were locked […]

Durer’s Drawing of a Printing Press, Nuremberg, c. 1511.

Durer’s Drawing of a Printing Press Sketch by Albrecht Durer, 1511, probably drawn from memory. Tools shown on the cheek of the press are the same Y-shaped tool shown in the Ascensius press marks, and a pair of dividers. Durer’s sketch. although it shows the screw running in the wrong direction, seems to be done […]

‘Sea of Red Poppies’ – Marie Davey.

Field of red and a beautiful morning, Houghton, West Sussex. Image Credit: Photograph by Marie Davey ‘As I reached the top of the hill I was greeted by a sea of red poppies, rolling hills and just the right amount of mist in the valley below. As the sun rose above the horizon, the colours […]

Colouful Rainbow Lorikeets, Girards Hill.

Lorikeet Colourful Rainbow lorikeets enjoy a native grevillea  tree in Girards Hill, New South Wales. Image Credit: Photograph by ABC Open contributor Di Lymbury via Lorikeet – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

John ‘Whiskey’ Walker.

The late John ‘Whiskey’ Walker, a hot metal compositor started at the Old Guv in the 1960s. Canteen lady Kath Wing had a soft spot for John but called him ‘The Cheapskate’. Every morning John would order a single cut plain bread roll from Kath. To save money he would take it back to his […]

Working Dogs of Marble Bar.

Working dogs Looks like the gang is all here in Marble Bar, Western Australia. Image Credit: Photograph by ABC Open contributor pilbaraworkingdogs via Working dogs – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)