The Toff Report – Sept. 2018.

Hi Toff Here: As I stepped from my best Jaguar in the Westies car park I thought here we go again.
There they all were, huddled around looking old and world weary.
My name is ‘The Toff’, I’m a big headed better than you Compositor.
I gave myself that name and I come from a long line of English Robber Barons.
First person to greet me was Honky Tonk who looked up and said, “you’re looking very pale Toff” What a bastard he is.
I snuck through to the Dining Area without having to buy anyone a drink. I’ve managed to do that at every Luncheon I’ve been to.
And I feel very good about it, even if they call me a ‘tightarse’ or that ‘C’ word.
John Manfield gave a nice little entertaining speech on his time living at the Adelaide Zoo when he was a kid.
We learnt how the Manfields lived off East End bread, greens, potatoes, carrots, River Torrens Giant Yabbies and Adelaide Zoo peanuts that the monkeys chucked away and Manfield stole of a night time.
Oh! And the time the Zoo Rhino urinated all over the State Governor.
Trevor Roberts and wife Barbara showed up. I guess Trevor will rejoin the Roosters after their illegal Grand Final win.
Kym Morrison finally made an appearance and what a breath of fresh air he was. Boy! Can he talk
He spent most of his time dumping on poor old and bald David Walker.
Don Woolman told a story of a machine minder who brought a service revolver into work  to show his mates and was arrested for planing to kill the Government Printer.
Late withdrawals: Jenny Easther, hip operation; Judy Marks has got a crook pooch and Dennis Duthie was having a knee replacement (again0.

The Toff

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