Little Charlie Korff.

1900blackwhiteboynewspaperoldphotography-1022f2033f123eb583c6ddce0b34c439_h_1-scaled500Picture of the the lovable “Charlie” as a newspaper boy.
Karl “Charlie” Hans Korff was born on 27th April. 1934. It was the International Year of Short people.
Charlie went through all of the usual problems in his youth, for example having teeth, growing hair, trying to speak English and a little broken German.
He was only a small boy during WWII and it wasn’t the greatest time for a youngster with a German background to be in Australia at that time.
However, upon reaching puberty a strange haunting voice said, “Charlie, One day you should become a Compositor.” To which Charlie replied, “But, I can’t read music”. Oh well!
Charlie has always thanked that voice because it provided him with a chance to work at The Old Guv.
He was a brilliant footballer in his youth with South colts and Thirds and much better than brother Paul, who was much better at table tennis.
He was apprenticed to Stock Journal Publishers at age fourteen and stayed seven years before moving on to Specialty Printers. At Specialty he come across Adrian Riosa, Nick Penn, Chris Candlett and Con Rogers.
He started at the GPO in 1976 after 21 long years with Specialty Printers.
Charlie is part of the famous Korff family (Dickie, Paul (deceased) and Charlie) all who worked at the Government Printing Office at some time or other.
When working with Charlie Korff, you didn’t realise just how healthy you were.
If you came to work sneezing – he had the Flu.
If you sprained a finger – he had a broken wrist.
If you twisted an ankle – he had a broken leg.
Dear old Charlie was always sicker than you.
But, he was a Very Lovable Man!

2 thoughts on “Little Charlie Korff.

  1. I caught up with Charlie at his brother’s (Paul) funeral and Charlie was travelling well and I also met his daughter Berni and her husband.


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