David Walker’s Swamp Cypress Bonsai Tree.

CaptureMy Swamp Cypress by Dave Walker.
(Tree: Swamp Cypress/Bald Cypress / Taxodium Distichum).
Bonsai Style: Formal Upright. (Chokan)
Origins: Purchased in Northern New South Wales in 2001. As a small Bonsai.
History: Grown in a large black pot for its first three years and it was slowly styled for branch structure. The tree responded well to rain water and has been exclusively watered with it.
I then put it into its first Bonsai pot and entered into the club critique as a novice tree. It then went on to win Novice tree of the year that same year.
With the intention to thicken the trunk it was placed back into a large black pot for another two years to grow. It was then placed into a deep Bonsai pot with a glazed red and black motley effect.
The pot was never quite right for the tree and I was not 100% happy with my selection.
However the tree was placed into a tray of rain water to live trying to replicate its natural conditions.
Despite missing branch six and its awkward nebari it went on to win more awards both at the club and at the Royal Adelaide Show. I took action to try to correct the two main problems. 
I have put a small slit in the nob under the trunk of the tree and packed it with sphagnum moss hoping to create a root, and growing a sacrifice branch which I hope to use as a thread graft for branch six.
I really enjoy my little swamp plant.

Dave Walker

5 thoughts on “David Walker’s Swamp Cypress Bonsai Tree.

  1. Derwombat wrote.
    For a bloke who has caused much mayhem most of his life it is good to see that you are cultivating such a beautiful plant David.
    cheers, Rod


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