Man and Bird Cage by Fintan.

Towering three storeys above Atchinson Lane in St Leonards, Sydney is a man holding a bird cage.
Arms out, he stands with a vacuum cleaner wrapped around his frame, ready to spruce up the streets of North Sydney.
Ten metres beneath the stubble of his creation’s chin, street-artist Fintan Magee colours the flannelette of the shirt with a watered-down acrylic paint. “It gives you the gestures,” he says.
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Acclaimed street artist Fintan Magee has been commissioned to create a monster mural at the TWT Creative Precinct in St Leonards.
Photo: Steven Siewert
“It’s the first mural of its kind in the area,” says the Sydney-based artist, often hailed as Australia’s version of Banksy.
The mural of Fintan’s giant street urchin is the welcome sign for the north shore’s first designated creative precinct, TWT.
For the next 18 months, commercial property developer, AuswinTWT, has handed over the keys to a set of empty warehouses to art activation organisation, BrandX.
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Fintan at the top of the St Leonards mural. Photo: Steven Siewert
via Street artist Fintan creates three-storey artwork in Sydney.

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