‘The Unknown Bloke’ A true story from Bob.

This is just another true story by Mr BobDownsanKissmyAss, from the Old Guv Print Room, King William Road, Adelaide.
One day many years ago when the printers arrived at work there was this “unknown” bloke wandering around the machine room floor.
We asked Laurie Gilbertson (the print room storeman) who the new bloke was?
He replied,”F****d if I know.” So Laurie goes into the print room office and asks the bosses Allan Morris and Bert Parsons.
“Who is the new man over there?”
They replied, “Buggered if we know.” They then contacted Brian “Jumbo” James, who was the Acting Government Printer at the time.
Jumbo said that he didn’t know who the “unknown” bloke was either.
Hours went by and eventually a police officer arrived and it turned out that this poor devil had escaped from the Glenside Mental Hospital.
Poor bugger, he was away with the fairies and high as a kite on medication.
Word was that he probably couldn’t tell the difference between Glenside Mental Hospital and the Government Printing Office.
He did a good job sweeping the floors though.
Bob Downs

4 thoughts on “‘The Unknown Bloke’ A true story from Bob.

  1. He must have been a different bloke to the one I drove back to Glenside Hospital in the little Gov Mini van. On arrival at the front gate of the Hospital, I wasn’t sure if he was gonna do a runner on me when I dropped him off at the front steps of the entrance. But all was sweet. he gave me lots of little goodbye waves. Then it was back to the Old Guv dungeon at the rear of Parliament House.

    Cheers Hans


    • Thanks for the input Hans. Bob has got a pretty good memory, but he’s not perfect. Perhaps the word got out at Glenside that the Old Guv was a good place to visit.


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