Estienne’s classic. A Unique Position for Human Dissection 1545.

This remarkable woodcut image comes from Charles Estienne’s (1501-1564) De Dissectione Partium corporis Humani linri tres, a 375-page opus illustrated with 62 fantastic full-page woodcuts and published in 1545. This work is surpassed I think only by the masterpiece Fabrica by Vesalius (1543)–the great standard of anatomical illustration. Actually, historians have determined that the Estienne […]

Colourful Graffiti In Shoreditch, London.

Graffiti can be quite a divisive subject. Is it art? Is it vandalism? But it’s safe to say that Shoreditch has some of the best and masterful pieces spanning great expanses and more petite patches — it’s particularly prevalent around Brick Lane. Take a look at some of the images we’ve gathered and choose your […]

Canadian Geese enjoy the late morning in Wetlands.

Your Shot photographer Scott Summers captured this image of some Canadian Geese enjoying the wetlands of Canastota, New York. “The only sound throughout the swamp on this late spring morning were three geese honking at one another,” writes Your Shot photographer Scott Summers. “They gathered at the head of the lake, where a fog bank […]

Mehach, Goddess of Death and her love for Ereyon.

Tales speak of how Mehach, Goddess of Death, used to visit the world. She would herself step down from her ebony keep, and gently weave and coax souls from their discarded shells – and legends speak of how she, when gathering souls from a battlefield, met a wounded, but still breathing young man by the […]

Jurassic, Hawaii by Matt Meisenheimer.

Jurassic An incredible display of light and atmosphere over the mountains of Hawaii’s oldest island, Kauai. Image Credit: Photograph by Matt Meisenheimer, Janesville, United States of America Member since 2017. Source: Jurassic | Smithsonian Photo Contest | Smithsonian

Re-enactment of first operation under Ether, c.1850.

A Daguerrotype believed to show a re-enactment of the first operation in which a patient was succesfully anaesthetised with the use of ether. The man posed on the operating table is anonymous but the names given of some of the others standing around are a Mr. Holman and surgeons John Mason Warren, John Collins Warren, […]

Under the Southern Cross.

Under the Southern Cross The stunning and clear, moonless nights of the South Burnett Region in Queensland, Australia are just made for astrophotography. Image Credit: Photograph by ABC Open contributor Richard Henderson Source: Under the Southern Cross – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Did the Planet “Theia” hit Earth and create the Moon?

An artist’s rendering of the collision that created the moon (Paul Wootton/ /Science Photo Library/Corbis) Scientists have announced that they had found evidence of the planetary body that slammed into the earth over four billion years ago, creating the moon. In analyzing lunar rocks collected on the Apollo missions, they found that the moon rocks […]

‘Help Me’ from Wombat in a Log.

Wombat in a log When you realise you might have made a bad decision… This wombat, spotted near Launceston in Tasmania, eventually made it out of the log safely! Image Credit: Photograph by ABC Open contributor dt_photography Source: Wombat in a log – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Veronica Franco, Poet.

Veronica Franco (1546-91) Like mother, like daughter: Veronica Franco was the privileged offspring of Venetian courtesan Paola Fracassa. She studied Greek and Roman literature and learned to play the lute. After marrying and divorcing a doctor, Franco consorted with politicians, artists, philosophers, and poets. She became an accomplished poet herself and celebrated her sexual prowess […]