The Burrowing Owls of America.

Montana’s Fish, Wildlife and Parks lists the bird as “potentially at risk because of limited and/or declining numbers, range and/or habitat, even though it may be abundant in some areas.” The Forest Service and BLM consider the owl a sensitive species. (Courtesy photo)
GLASGOW, Mont. — Just like retirees traveling south to escape the snowy winter, two female burrowing owls have been documented traveling almost 2,000 miles to central Mexico from Eastern Montana for the first time.
“Now we’re learning more about how incredible these birds are,” said David Johnson, of the Global Owl Project.
Last year, GLOW fitted 30 burrowing owls in the Northwest and Canada — including three from the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge in Montana — with tiny backpacks containing satellite transmitters.
The devices track their migration routes and destinations in an attempt to give researchers insight into the birds’ population decline.
No one has completed a survey to arrive at a population number for the birds in Montana, according to Steve Huffman, executive director of Montana Audubon.
“If you polled a bunch of owl experts, though, you’d probably find the range of the species is declining and Montana is no exception to that,” he said.
In Canada the bird is listed as an endangered species because of “habitat loss and fragmentation, road kills, pesticides, food shortage, fewer burrow providers and mortality on migration and wintering areas,” according to Parks Canada.
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  1. Another amazing article, Rod!
    How about creating an “Owls” tag – that way, us lovers of them can see a stack of your articles – PLEASE!


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