The Weird side of London.


Undergroundingos. All photographs: Sandrine Boulet/KK Outlet
The French artist Sandrine Boulet doesn’t see the world like the rest of us. You see a lamppost, she sees Mary Poppins. You see a dog’s tail, she sees Andy Warhol.
For her latest project, on show at KK Outlet, she transforms London into a weird and wonderful place with her witty take on the everyday.
73fd79ec-ce47-4fcc-86bb-4b44d35c408a-2060x1368I see you Mr. Pot.
0d175443-d306-4945-a662-32563f63ca0f-2060x1368Ha Ha Hats.
via Sandrine Boulet illustrated London – in Pictures | Art and design | The Guardian.

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