Ingo and Poldi are ‘Friends.’

ingo-else-dog-owl-friendship-tanja-brandt-4I wouldn’t have believed that an owl and a dog could become best friends until I saw these surprising and adorable photos by Tanja Brandt, a professional animal photographer and collage artist in Germany.
Ingo the shepherd dog and Poldi the little owl seem more than happy to cozy up to each other for photoshoots bathed in golden evening light.
If you like these photos, be sure to visit Brandt’s site, because Ingo has a whole lot of beautiful friends, be they other shepherds or other fierce birds of prey besides Poldi.
Brandt creates animal photos and collages professionally, so she seems to have a lot of cooperative models to work with!
Though these photos certainly are adorable and unique, Ingo and Poldi aren’t the only unusual animal friends out there – we have a post about all sorts of unusual animal friends!
More info: | | 500px | Facebook
via The Unlikely Friendship Of A Dog And An Owl | Bored Panda.

2 thoughts on “Ingo and Poldi are ‘Friends.’

  1. Without a doubt, the photos in the link are the most fantastic I’ve ever seen – absolutely beautiful!
    Thanx, Rod, for this post.


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