Billboard Art in London.

myparentsFor once, Londoners may be grateful that their bus is stuck in a snarl up. Art Everywhere — a nationwide project that sees 30,000 art posters pasted up in public sites means that when the 345 is next tardy, you can muse over William Blake’s The Circle of the Lustful or Rose Wylie’s Early Memory Series No.2: Doodle Bug, rather than the latest ad for budget holidays.
Art Everywhere was launched by artists Grayson Perry and Antony Gormley at Waterloo station.
A public vote courtesy of 38,000 art acolytes whittled down the selection to 25 pieces.
The most popular was David Hockney’s 1977 painting My Parents (above). Others in the series include Pottery by Acton-born Patrick Caulfield, Dame Laura Knight’s wartime picture Ruby Loftus screwing a Breechring, and Existers by east London’s Gilbert & George.
(c) Rose Wylie; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation
More Images via Art: Coming To A Billboard Near You | Londonist.

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