Another Day, Another Dust Storm.

Another day, another dust storm
Photo by Tina Mould Haigh · · From Pic of the Week
Recovery from the Pinery bushfire has been a slow process.
It has been hot and dry and I seem to always be gazing to the heavens waiting for rain.
Whenever the wind blows, the dust storms come creeping over the parched ground, removing our precious top soil and depositing it elsewhere. On Thursday 17th March the dust came again.
Ahead of the cool change there were strong winds which really got the dust billowing in front of it.
I stood out the front of our property and watched it rolling in, covering over everything in its path.
I captured this photo of my son walking down our driveway towards me from where we had been fencing.
Hamley Bridge SA 5401

Source: ABC OPEN: Another day, another dust storm || From Project: Pic of the Week

2 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Dust Storm.

  1. What a tragedy that fire was. The farmers are still losing that precious soil; the dust-storm last week blowing more of it into oblivion.
    Sampson Flat was a disaster last year, but nothing like the battlers in the lower mid-north have endured.
    We went for a drive to Balaklava a couple of months ago to visit a friend (I do have a few!) and on the way saw that devastation firsthand. The area of desolation stretches as far as the eye can see – truly heartbreaking.

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