A family of Apostlebirds all Snuggled Up.


A family of apostlebirds snuggle up on a branch. (Credit: Tatiana Gerus (Tatters/Flickr)
by Becky Crew
I’ve found my new favourite bird. You only have to look these guys up on Flickr to see how adorably social they are.
They feed together, gather nesting materials together, cross the road responsibly together, and hang out in the trees together looking super snug.
With a wide range throughout eastern Australia and a single, isolated population in the Elliott and Katherine regions of the Northern Territory, the apostlebird (Struthidea cinerea) belongs to the Australian mudnester family (Corcoracidae), of which there is but one other member.
And together with the white-winged chough (Corcorax melanorhamphos) – a blackish bird with hellish red eyes – the apostlebird maintains a strange nest, and an even stranger social group.
When an apostlebird builds its deep, cup-shaped nest made from dried grasses held together with mud and manure, it will share the experience with around nine other apostlebirds.
This ‘breeding unit’ comprises a single dominant male and adult female, plus several juvenile birds from a previous breeding season that stuck around to help out.
Read on via Apostlebirds keep it all in the family – Australian Geographic

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