‘Undiscovered Bali.’

Rice fields and Mount Agung. Image Credit: Photograph by Michele Falzone/Getty Images Rice terraces, volcano views and jungle-tangled gorges make sleepy Sidemen feel like the Bali that time forgot. There’s not a great deal to do in this rambling district in the foothills of Mount Agung, and it’s a fair old schlep from the tourist […]

‘The Venerable Bede’ 673-735.

Portrait of English monk, historian and theologian Saint Bede (673 – 735 AD). The Venerable Bede, wrote the ‘Ecclesiastical History of the English People’ which is our major source for the history of Britain from the late sixth to the early eighth century. Bede tells how Gregory the Great (Pope from 590 to 604 AD) […]

‘Moon and Ruins’ by Chaz.

Making the most of the moonlight for an excellent capture of some ruins at Smeaton in Victoria. Image Credit: Photograph by ABC Open contributor Steve Chaz via Moon and ruins – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

‘A Bullet for Joey’ with Edward G. Robinson 1955.

Edward G. Robinson in “A Bullet for Joey” by Kino Lorber.  Newly restored in high definition Directed by Lewis Allen.  Cast: Edward G. Robinson, George Raft, Audrey Totter, George Dolenz, Peter van Eyck. Released April 15, 1955. Edward G. Robinson and George Raft last appeared together in the 1941 Warner Brothers feature “Manpower” on which, […]

The Futuro Spaceship House lands in Britain.

The Futuro house by Matti Suuronen … restored by Craig Barnes, on show in Le Havre. Photograph: James Hemery Like jetpacks, flying cars and robot butlers, the Futuro was supposed to revolutionise the way we lived. Unlike those other staples of an imagined future, however, this architectural oddity actually existed. A colourful pod in the […]

One day Old Baby Elephant with his Mum and Sister.

Osnabrück, Germany One-day old elephant Minh-Tan stands between his mother Douanita, left, and his sister Sita in their enclosure at the city zoo. Image Credit: Photograph by Friso Gentsch/AFP/Getty Images. via Best photographs of the day: fireworks, protests and Radiohead | News | The Guardian

A Rare Super Blue Blood Moon, California.

Image Credit: Photograph by Lucy Nicholson/Reuters. A rare lunar event called the “super blue blood Moon” is seen behind the pier in Santa Monica, California. This red glow is produced by the same effect that gives us red sunsets. Sunlight skims through the Earth’s atmosphere on its way to the Moon and gets refracted or […]

‘Heavy in Tahiti.’

‘Heavy in Tahiti’ Image Credit: Photograph by Ray Collins In our profile last year of Ray Collins’ incredible seascapes, we learned how being colorblind forced Collins to look more at shapes, lines, and lighting. Collins added: ‘Something changed in me this day…in Tahiti.’ Can you imagine the chaos of one’s mind in the midst of […]

Saint Patrick and ‘Cracker’ the Owl, Ireland.

Druid Malachy, played by Ciaron Davies, reacts with a European eagle-owl named “Cracker” during the reenactment of the first landing of Saint Patrick in Ireland at Inch Abbey in Downpatrick, Northern Ireland. Image Credit: Photograph by Clodagh Kilcoyne / Reuters Source: Photos of the Week: the Sydney Skinny, a Glacial Arch, Pelicans at Play – […]

Dogs pulled Milk Carts in the 1880s.

A late 19th century photograph from Antwerp, Belgium shows a typical milk cart pulled by dogs. (Wikimedia Commons) Up until the end of the 19th century in Europe, especially Belgium, France, Germany, and the Netherlands, dogs were commonly used by farmers to pull small carts full of milk from the country to the city in […]