Birds, Birds and more Birds.


Greater bird of paradise males display their plumage in treetops of Badigaki forest, Wokam Island in the Aru Islands of Indonesia.
Photograph: Tim Laman
The world’s leading wildlife photographers held workshops, talks and training events at the Royal Geographical Society.
Photojournalist and conservationist Tim Laman, BBC Springwatch presenter Chris Packham and writer and zoologist Mark Carwardine are among the 22 speakers at the festival.
9067a8cd-7b4d-4342-8373-a6da44fe10bc-1020x680A sleeping ural owl, Estonia. Photograph: Sven Zacek/2014 Wildscreen photography festival.

b8dc4a0b-e97d-4bfe-95b5-26bcfb513555-1020x680Cobalt-winged parakeets (Brotogeris cyanoptera) eating clay at a clay lick near the Napo River in Yasuni national park, Ecuador. Photograph: Tim Laman

See more Images via Wildscreen photography festival 2014 – in pictures | Environment | The Guardian.

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