Karl Chalky Boos ‘The Idiot on the Window Ledge’.

Thought the Old Legends might like this story from the past. It happened at the Old Guv Bindery on King William Road when Ken Arnold was the overseer.
This one dates back to the late 1960’s and involves a binder called Karl Boos with the nickname “Chalky” due to his long flowing blond hair and pasty complexion.
Anyone who worked in the old building may remember that it had no air conditioning . The windows, needed to be open in the hot weather, this was necessary in the binding room as it was on the top floor and a hot place to be in in summer.
Karl who was a bit of a practical joker came up with an idea to give Ken Arnold a bit of a scare. which involved climbing out of a window of the binding room 3 floors up onto the narrow window ledge.
Ken Arnold had a daily routine of eating a banana at the same time of the day and putting the used banana skin out on the window ledge next to his office.
This was a particularly dangerous and crazy stunt due to the narrowness of the ledge and the height he was off the ground and the distance he had to travel from the binding room window to Ken Arnold’s office window.
Well, he managed to make it to Ken Arnold’s window just as he had finished his banana and was putting the banana skin onto the ledge, when there was Chalky staring at him outside his window clinging onto the window ledge. We assumed that he would be let inside by Mr Arnold.
The next thing that amazed us all was than instead of letting Karl into his window and to safety, he closed it and left him out on the ledge with nowhere to go but back to where he came from.
Chalky eventually made it back to the window ledge in the binding room that he left from to find it closed and no way back inside till after some time being let back inside.
I can’t remember how long we left him outside on the ledge, but apart from the obvious danger of leaving him outside, anyone from the street who saw him may have called the police thinking he was about to commit suicide.
Fortunately, he learnt his lesson and didn’t try that one again and went on to play many more less dangerous practical jokes at his time at the Old Guv.
Ian Pedler