Inside the World of Guy Bourdin, 1928-1991.

afa6c4a0-8559-4c78-be43-aac9331ed701-2060x1236Bourdin created impossible images long before photoshop
Some of Bourdin’s best-known pictures feature mannequin legs sawn off just below the knee. Those legs, says O’Neill, were “so brilliantly placed you can almost see the whole woman – the sense of her was so strong”.
4182ccb9-fae8-4ff5-831f-3522dd663172-2060x1397Though viewers often assume that post-production trickery was at play, usually the images were created by Bourdin drilling the mannequin’s feet through the ground then positioning them.
In fact, he was meticulous in planning his photographs – sketching out the composition and scouting locations in advance – and yet “he made it look so effortless.
Today photographers can very easily make a model fly but when they do it it doesn’t have the same charge or aura.”
ec59d509-1841-4e73-bd19-1e4a9a839f6d-2060x1447Short Biography. Guy Bourdin (2 December 1928, Paris – 29 March 1991, Paris), born Guy Louis Banarès, was a French fashion photographer known for his provocative fashion images.
“At the heart of Guy Bourdin’s fashion photographs is a confrontation with the very nature of commercial image making.
While conventional fashion images make beauty and clothing their central elements, Bourdin’s photographs offer a radical alternative.
via Inside the surreal world of Guy Bourdin | Fashion | The Guardian.

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