‘I was Bullied by 1960s Senior Men’.

I remember well that day in the 1960s, when NINE brave senior men decided it was appropriate to threaten three young apprentices, that if they did not get their beautiful hair cut at the barbers, they would cut it for them.
Two of the intended victims rushed off to the hairdressers during the lunch break but only one stood firm against the vigilante group.
After spending most of the morning avoiding his assailants, he was obliged to return to his work frame because he had not yet achieved his necessary time quota on his timesheet.
That afternoon, the inevitable happened, eight big men held him down whilst the ninth cut his hair.
The next day, the victim stormed into Les Hawes’ office, the then Government Printer, and demanded the matter to be addressed.
Les Hawes reminded the apprentice that it was his office and it was not considered appropriate to bang your fist on his desk.
A week later the apprentice was sent a cautionary letter from the Association President, that the association rules did not allow him to go to the Government Printer without Association representation.
Quite humorous really, when the President, may well have been one of the nine people who were involved in the HAIRCUT thuggery.

2 thoughts on “‘I was Bullied by 1960s Senior Men’.

  1. I hear stories of bullying and just plain thuggery here at Australia post . When I say its not acceptable now and should not have been accepted then . I get the usual from fellow workers , you wouldn’t have said anything. Well I can assure anyone , I would not and will not accept that kind of behaviour. I have stood up to management and stood in-between people being bullied and nothing will change that .

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