Ian Pedler.

Ian Charles Pedler was born on 6 June 1949 at the Memorial Hospital, North Adelaide to parents William and Doreen. Ian was the youngest of three brothers.
He attended Northfield Primary and Strathmont Technical High School, where he completed three years to Intermediate standard.
Ian’s first job was at the Government Printing Office, King William Road. He started there in January 1966 as a Hand Binding Apprentice working under Ken Arnold (Overseer) and with Keith Oxley and Tony Harris.
Ian wasn’t a bad looking bloke back in those days and after a period of leave of absence travelling in Europe he returned to Adelaide and married his attractive girlfriend Margaret in 1975.
His main hobby is golf and he played off a 5 handicap in his younger years. Ian claims he had two holes in one on the same golf course 11 years apart on 11 January and at 11 am.
Ian and Margaret have travelled overseas extensively over the past 23 years.
He spent 28 years at the Guv and left in 1994 after taking a Separation Package. He then started at Flinders Press in the same year as a Printing Estimator for 14 years. Ian retired for 18 months and returned to Flinders Press as a casual until full retirement in early 2017.
He says there were many highlights of his time at the Guv and working especially in the old building on King William Road was a great experience.
He adds:
“As a young 16 year old starting straight out of school, the Gov taught me that I had to grow up in a hurry to survive in an environment with people who were different to anything I had experienced in my short life”.
”I thought at the time that some of them were just plain crazy. As time went by I thought I was going crazy too, but it helped if you just went along with the flow and didn’t make too many waves. They were the best working years of my life.”
Ian Charles Pedler you are a Legend.

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