Dreamscapes of Girls by Tomicka.

0a1007d4e81b45d9bfce248ec4ee9bca0e3b9b63_660These beautiful illustrations by Ania Tomicka are both unsettling and endearing at the same time.
Inspired by the American pop surrealist movement, the intense gaze of the subjects pierce through the images and delve into your very core.
And that’s without even mentioning the cute/creepy critters.
Tomicka is from Lodz, Poland.
When she was nine she moved to Italy, where she “started to draw seriously: Manga at first and realistic things afterwards.” After graduating from art school, Tomicka began to use oil colours – a technique that soon became her favourite.
In terms of inspiration, Tomicka has “always been interested in realistic, renaissance works.
Her first loves are Salvador Dalì and Wojtek Siudmak’s big canvases, full of absurd and strange creations, painted in a divine way.”
And the latter is precisely how we’d describe Tomicka’s own work. To see more, visit her website.
Via Behance
via Whimsical, surreal dreamscapes of girls and their disturbing sidekicks | Creative Boom.

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