Prototype Spokeless Bike by Sada.

In smaller living spaces, bike storage can be a tricky thing to figure out.
A cumbersome bicycle is great for transportation needs, but it takes up a lot of room inside a home.
For those who live in an apartment, the vehicle generally ends up parked right beside the living room couch or hanging on the wall in the hallway.
As a solution to this problem, Italian designer Gianluca Sada, of Sada Bike, has come up with an amazing solution for easy bicycle storage and transport.
He developed a spokeless design constructed with standard 26″ wheel dimensions for a quick jaunt around town but then, when it’s time to park, the wheels disconnect and the entire frame folds up as small as an average umbrella.
The working prototype would make a huge difference to urban dwellers who are often lacking storage space and Sada is currently seeking investors to make the product a reality.
“The project may pave the way for a new system of mobility outside the classical schemes, widely accessible and easily transportable,” explains Sada. “Personal style and extreme versatility give dynamism to the traditional bicycle, the subject increasingly required in this environmentally friendly age.”

via Amazing Spokeless Bike Design Folds Up Like an Umbrella – My Modern Metropolis.

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