The Crazy plan to Herd Sheep by Aerial Bombing (1917).

The Modern Rancher: Bombing Sheep from Planes (1917).
I’ve made a number of posts to this blog on the history of aerial bombing, and throughout most of the early history of bombing (say up to the end of WWI) the vast majority of the uses of dropping bombs from airships and airplanes has been for killing people and destroying property and infrastructure.
There has been an occasional stray article that I’ve found about delivering mail by non-exploding bombs–this to save time and fuel in landing/taking off (there have been other plans to deliver mail by rocket, but that is another story)–but the other uses of dropping bombs on things from the sky have been, shall we say, “limited”.
And then today I’ve stumbled upon this one–shepherding by dropping bombs near sheep.
This story, found in the pages of the June, 1917 issue of Popular Mechanics, details the plans of a wealthy Montana rancher to patrol his flock using aeroplanes and bombs.
It is said in the caption that if the initial tests with the practice are successful that he may use six such planes at his ranch.
Source: JF Ptak Science Books: Bad Ideas

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