“My Kiddies Don’t Lie.”

img_00911John McInerney, Father of the Extremely Honest Kiddies.
The Old Guv used to have the Children’s Christmas Party at the Railways Institute each year! Paul Raby would dress up as a Clown and amuse the kiddies.
There would be cakes, lollies and drinks. The big highlight of the day was when Jack Findlay (Intertype Foreman) arrived, dressed up as Father Christmas.
The children would all line up for their gifts and the chance to ask for more presents from Santa.
The illusion of a Small Child’s Vision of Christmas would be shattered by John McInerney’s children for as they each came up to receive their present from Father Christmas they would say in a loud, clear voice, “Oh, Thank You, Mr. Findlay.”
Poor old Jack didn’t take too kindly to this sort of behaviour as he thought that an innocent child’s life may be ruined forever if they found out that Father Christmas was actually some overweight Intertype Foreman.
So when Jack challenged Macca on the following Monday about this treachery, Mac replied, “I don’t lie to my kiddies about these sorts of things and my kiddies Don’t Lie.”

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