French Kissers Beware!

shutterstock_63528556When you lock lips with that special person, you’re not only sharing your bubbling passions, but also your unique blend of oral bacteria.
In a study that’s sure to stoke the flames of love, scientists discovered that lovebirds exchange some 80 million bacteria after swapping spit for 10 seconds. That sounds like a cavity waiting to happen.
But don’t worry: Scientists also found that it takes a lot of kisses to significantly change your mouth’s unique collection of microbes.
It’s been estimated that over 700 difference species of microbes eat and poop on your teeth, cheeks and gums.
Fully aware of your mouth’s thriving civilization, researchers were curious just how many microbial nomads migrate to your partner’s mouth during a make-out session.
They took tongue and saliva samples from 21 different couples, including one female and one male couple.
First, they tested to see how similar a couple’s mouth microbiomes were to each other.
Then, they attempted to determine how much bacteria was exchanged during a French kiss.
One person in each couple drank a probiotic yogurt drink containing a mix of common yogurt bacteria such as Streptococcus thermophilus.
Then, the couples kissed for 10 seconds, and researchers took saliva and tongue samples from the receiver, or the person in each couple that didn’t swallow the drink.
Read on via Pucker Up: One French Kiss Swaps 80 Million Bacteria.

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