Dreamlike Scenes by Cesnakevicius.

6c78e7e910e58d87690fd5a064ea7bf97c168efb_660Plucking imaginative ideas from dreams, Lithuanian photographer Ceslovas Cesnakevicius creates varied and creative images that displace reality.
The photographer says that his artistic process starts with an idea that is either spontaneous or based on some eye-catching aspect, saying “I leave the original photograph as a background and work on that detail particularly, which creates slightly twisted reality”. 7d156a7d94e30fc11aab39cb4f41321a095b0bfc_660
His work doesn’t look too dissimilar from famous Belgian surrealist artist Margritte, with emphasise on clouds, top hats and suited men.
See more Images via Dream-like scenarios spark unusual and creative photography | Creative Boom.

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