Dean Groves and the Balls Up.

Dean Groves, a Binder was also a SANFL league goal umpire, of some note, long before the AFL ever existed. He was picked to umpire, not sure who the teams were, but I think it was one of the better matches between two of the top teams.
The game happened to be televised live that day and Dean was centre stage waving his flags and doing a great job. I was watching the game at home on the live telecast when all hell broke loose about a disputed goal.
The goal umpire down the end of the disputed goal happened to be Dean. The problem was that the footballer that kicked the ball was convinced he kicked a goal and Dean instead of putting the two fingers up to signal a goal he only put up the one for a point.
Well then it was on, the player rushed up to Dean and tried to stop him waving the one flag instead of two, but to Dean’s credit being the professional umpire that he was, he ignored the player and carried on waving the one flag with one very angry player in his face trying to stop him.
The only problem was that because the game was televised they had a camera right behind the player when he kicked the ball and it showed on replay that it was clearly a goal. The commentators had a great time playing and replaying the goal that never was thanks to poor unfortunate Dean making one of his worst decisions and televised for all to see.
Of course when Dean returned to work on the Monday we all stuck up for him or was it we all stuck it up him.
As you know at the Old Guv you were not necessarily remembered for any good deeds you did – but mostly remembered for the stuff ups.
Ian Pedler

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