OGL Luncheon Report, 20 April, 2018.

Caption: The real state of the relationship in the Brown Household

Guests of Honour: Wayne Brown and The Saintly Angela Brown.

Wayne won his OGL Gong for his outstanding contribution to the English Language whilst Angela got a Special Mention for living for 47 years with a man who was Doctor Jekyll at home and a Mister Hyde at Work

Attendees: Alex Riley, Rod Parham, Judy Marks, Ian Russell and wife Yvonne, Dennis Grover, Garth Mugford, Ray Belt, ‘The Powells’ (Rob and Wendy), David and Marilyn Harding, Faye McConnell, Brian Hartshorne, Keith Oxley, John Bryant, David Barber, Mike Carter, Con and Norma Rodgers, Ian and Margaret Pedler, Barry O’Donnell, Ellen Krueger, Eunice Wright, Marianne Hunn, Emma, (Marianne’s friend),  Janet McGuiness, Vic Potticary, Geoff Michell, Dennis Duthie and WO Duthie, Peter Meghery.
In Memoriam: Lew Morrison, David Wallis and Ken Crooks.
On the Sick List: Bruce Lockier, Jyll Watson, Charlie Korff, Charmaine Ely.
Highlights of the Day: Barry O’Donnell’s tribute to Lew Morrison. Victorians Dave Barber and Mike Carter were a big hit, although no-one remembered Mike’s name and Ian Pedler stole the show with some stories from the Old Guv Bindery.
It was another outstanding success.
The Toff

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