Wayne Brown.

Mr Wayne John Brown was born 22 April, 1947 ( Westies went top) at Queen Victoria Hospital, son of  the late Joyce and Herbert (Bluey) Brown.
Being a good Catholic boy he was educated at St Margaret Mary’s Catholic Primary School and at Christian Brothers College.
Wayne was Apprenticed as a Bookbinder at Sands & McDougalls in Light Square and then had a brief stint at the State Library  Bindery. He returned to ‘Sandies’ for a short time and applied at the Government Printing Office in 1972 and then after learning how to spell started in March 1973. He worked as a Bookbinder and guillotine operator and was made leading hand in Quickprint, until the shutdown in 1999.
Wayne married the beautiful, intelligent and Saintly Angela on 17 July, 1971 at St Anthony’s Catholic Church, Edwardstown. Together they had three boys Adrian,Simon and Jeremy plus six grandchildren, one girl and five boys.

Browny loves all Sport, Cricket, Aussie Rules (especially Port Power and the Bloods), Tennis and Basketball. His has only two claims to Fame: He is related to John and Darren Cahill of  the Port Adelaide Football Club and managed to convince Angela that he has never sworn in 47 years of marriage
Wayne was at the Old Guv for 26 years.(1973- 1999) and was the last person to leave. He was redeployed with SA Police, SA Dental and State Supply. He took the TVSP in June, 2004 and then worked at Hyde Park Press until retirement in 2007.
Nowadays, Angela and Wayne enjoy caravanning and do volunteer work for the St Vincent de Paul Society on Monday and Friday mornings, seeing clients who need Food, Furniture and Clothing.
Wayne Brown you are definitely a Legend.

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