Alec Neilson and Lew Morrison.

Sadly both Alec Neilson and his great mate Lew Morrison are no longer with us.
Both are here looking young and bright I might add at an Old Guv function.
These two Scottish laddies used to bicycle together when young and fight over the same wee lassies.
Lew as an apprentice got Alec a job with him at the same printery in Glasgow.
But, only Lew knew that Alec was colour blind and he kept quiet about it.
After the Second World War the two lads made their way first to Sydney and then on to Adelaide and the Old Guv.
There is no truth in the rumour that they slept together whilst travelling to Oz.
But it is certainly well known that they both skillfully avoided paying the Ten Pound Pom charge.
They were Scotsman after All…
As for the others in the photograph I have not got a bloody clue.
Help Me out here. Please.
Rod Parham

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