Legend Jenny Easther.


Jenny Anne Easther was born on 28 January, 1956 at Maylands to Emily and Cyril Watson. She attended Athelstone Primary and Campbelltown High School.
Her first job was with Target, Newton when she was in third year High. On paydays she would treat herself to burgers, chips and ice cream. Jenny hated 3rd year and skipped classes most of that year.
Her Aunt Joan Williamson (Bindery) suggested she try the Old Guv for a job which she did. Jenny started at KWR in 1972 as a copyholder and then went upstairs to the Bindery. There she made many friends and spent hours at the window watching the Festival Theatre being built.
At Netley after getting aggro with the Econobinder she was moved out of the bindery up to Photomechanical working under the late Harry Van Straalen and Barry James.
At last Jenny had found her true calling and working in the Office it soon became apparent that she was the real boss of the area. She was nicknamed Mrs Mangles, as she was always chatting, giving orders and knew everyone’s business. She ran the rackets too selling choccies and running the Melbourne Cup Sweep with the late Ian Hobb.
Jenny met husband Gary on a Blind date in March 1974, and in November 1975 they got married at All Souls Church of England, St. Peters.

In 1981 she left to start a family with Gary which gave them Kelly, Kate and Michael and heaps of grandchildren.
She played for the Guv’s Netball side coached by Don Guscott, but had to give it away as she found it hard to play and talk at the same time.
Her greatest love though was ten pin bowling where she could talk and annoy people all night.
Her greatest claims to fame are being blessed with husband Gary, the children and she says a beautiful singing voice. She’s been involved with Brownies and coaching numerous Netball sides.
After leaving the Guv she worked for Scrymgour Print, a chicken burger joint and Bonaire, but found a real niche working over the past 20 years for R. P. Dunk Accounting as an Office Administrator.
Jenny loves the people she works with and once again has made many friends.
And that’s her strength caring about people and giving them a true friend. OK, she may be outspoken, so what, at least you know where she is coming from and she is bloody funny.
At the Guv we were all the richer from her presence over the nine short years she was there from 1972 to 1981.
Jenny Watson-Easther you are a true LEGEND.

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