Visiting Nomads of this World.


By Jenny Zhang.
Barefoot nomads roaming the desert; tribe members laughing together, their faces covered in paint; youths on horseback galloping across Tibetan plains—these are the subjects of Still Points in a Turning World, a fascinating series by photographer Terri Gold that documents the few indigenous tribal cultures left in the world.
The New York-based photographer travels to faraway locations like Niger, Ethiopia, China, and India to capture stunning images of tribes and their traditional rituals.
Rendered in achromatic tones with striking pops of blue, the hauntingly beautiful infrared portraits preserve the memory of clans and cultures that, although shrinking with each passing year, are still rich with unique histories and customs dating back centuries.
“Indigenous cultures that still follow their traditional way of life are rapidly disappearing,”
Gold writes in her artist statement. “Globalization and the push of technology into once isolated areas [are] threatening to forever alter the old ways. At risk is a vast archive of knowledge and expertise.
What is the value of ancient practices? What will be discarded and what will be treasured? The timeless past will soon meet the imminent future.
What will become of us if the myriad voices of indigenous people fall silent?
“We had the chance to interview the photographer, who recently returned from a trip to Kenya and is currently in the middle of mounting an exhibition.
See more images via Interview: Stunning Infrared Portraits Document Indigenous Tribal Cultures of the World – My Modern Met

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