Red Rocks off Bicheno, Tasmania.

Lichen-covered rocks almost glow under the light of the early morning dawn in Bicheno, Tasmania.
Image Credit: Photograph by Dr Yuri Trusov,
The red lichen-covered rocks of Bicheno, Tasmania greet the dawn.
Congratulations to this week’s AG Flickr group member Yuri Trusov, for his image ‘colours of Tasmania’.
“Red rocks of the eastern shores of Tasmania have always attracted me”.
“Finally this year I managed to get a short time off work and fly from Brisbane to Hobart for ‘some serious photography'”.
My expectations were exceeded with the actual beauty of Tasmanian landscapes,” says Yuri.
“This particular image was taken in a small town, Bicheno, located about 185km north-east of Hobart.
I spotted these colourful rocks a day before and came back the next morning before the sunrise.
Out of dozens of shots from different angles this one looked quite good already on the camera’s preview.
The image was taken in RAW format and processed later with Photoshop to correct sky brightness. Long exposure allowed me to obtain the ‘smooth’ water surface.
Source: Colours of Tasmania – Australian Geographic

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