Popeye, Wingy & The Lolly Box Disaster.

Cath Wing and Frank “Popeye” Nelson (Association President) decided that on the Monday before payday they would send cardboard boxes with sample lollies and chocolates to each floor of the Office.
The goodies would be discounted and by putting your name down on the list you could order what you wanted and pay for them on pay day!
When the samples got to the Gazette Staff, Alan Orrock grabbed a Violet Crumble and smashed it with his rubber mallet. Abo found a way to get the jelly beans out of the packet without opening it. He always left a few jelly beans in the packet.
Rags and Macca took the Cherry Ripe out to the Back Press, put it on the rollers and made it magically 18 inches long. Dago just grabbed a chocolate bar opened it and ate it, leaving the wrapper in the box.
Everything went back empty, busted or eaten to Wingy and she went “Nuts”.
Popeye said to Cath, “From now on the Comp Room are barred from the discount lollies.
After about two months Popeye relented and said to Wingy, “I think they have learnt their lesson.”
The following Monday the comps got a Lolly Box and Order form.
When it reached the Gazette Staff, Allan Orrock busted up the Violet Crumble, Abo ate the Jelly beans, You know the Rest…
That was the last of the cheap discounted Lollies and Chocolates experiment. Popeye resigned as Association President and life went back to normal.