Bags Baker and the ElevatorTrick.

To this day I do not know how “Bags” Baker and “Meggsie” Gow performed this trick but it was truly amazing stuff and I always wanted to see a replay.
They would stand, on a table I think, behind the door going from the Typesetting Room towards the kitchen and toilet. They would have pieces of cardboard and they would move these pieces of cardboard so that you would swear you watching two people going up in an elevator.

It was fantastic, even if I was probably half pissed. But if you tried to get Bags to repeat it, he just dug his heels in. “Be thankful you have seen it”, he would say. Ginger Meggs just apologised.
I remember well another night after the numbers had lessened with the departure of many of the staff to Riverside.
We had finished our cookathon and were having a few ambers in the little back room off the typesetting which became the reading room after “JB” decided readers were no longer necessary.
We used to put a metal rubbish bin against the door so if the security guard ventured in we would hear the door bang against it and we would quickly hide the evidence.
This particular evening we heard no noise and next thing there was the security guard standing at the door. Well I sh*t myself but “Mork” cool as you like said, “Do you want a drink mate?” Next minute the security guard said he best be off then and he did, never heard another thing about it.
Two months later the same security guard cut his fingers off doing a “foreignee” down in the SACON workshops.
They were great nights but not to be associated with those naughty card nights which preceded SOMEONE becoming COMP ROOM OVERSEER.

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