‘Beware – Snake Gully Sluggers,’

In every work place there is always a group of Renegades who bond in their bastardry.
This is the story of one such group at the Government Printer in the 1970s, known as the Snake Gully Sluggers.
John “Rags” Elsdon. A follower and distinguished by his inability to tell Jokes. Could have been a great footballer so he says, but the piss and fags got him. Carpet Snake.
Rod “Sam” Lawn. Also known as “The Ape”. This bloke was dry, sarcastic and a real mystery at times. For a short period of his life he was known as “The Wild One.” Apologies to J.O.K. Boa Constrictor.
Jimmy “Jock” Tennant. A Wild and lovely Alcoholic Scotsman. Unfortunately, suffered a very serious heart condition from birth that sadly cut his Life short. Toy Snake
Albert Wellman. The Boss and Clicker, evidently a Champion Rower when he was young. Liked the North Adelaide Wine Bar, but a very bad person to get on the wrong side of. Rock Python.
Warren “ABO” Pietsch. Could have fought for either the British or French armies at The Battle of Waterloo. The best Cannon and Bullet Loader bar none. Elephantic memory with a “pay back” mentality. Rattlesnake!
Lew “Banjo” Murray. Apprentice Bastard back then, but hit his straps in the 1980s and became “a real bastard”. Puff Adder.
John “Macca” McInerney. An inspiration to the Snakes, sort of their Unofficial King. His wicked brain hatched most of their foul deeds. King Cobra.
It’s a pretty brutal assessment, but they deserve it, they crushed so many people as well as chocolate bars and type gauges…