Ron ‘Snevets’ Stevens & the Wig.

img_6141-900x598_1-scaled500“Snevets” was Ron Steven’s signature when he wrote poems and stories.
It was, of course, Ron’s surname spelt backwards. Ron was yet another 10 pound tourist who joined the Comp Room in the 1950s.
Our Ron fancied himself as a Ladies Man who loved to chat up the young girls who worked at the Guv.
Now poor old Ron was as bald as a badger on top, but his body from the neck down and back was covered in grizzly bear hair.
One morning Ron arrived at work with grey hair on the top of his bald head.
It was a wig, of course. He stood in the Gazette Area waiting for the work bell.
In we all trooped and there was Ron, a huge beam all over his face.
No-one said a word, we just stared at him.”Big Dogs” was the first to speak. “There’s something different about you Ron.”
Ron just smiled and moved his eyes upwards.
Big Dogs continued. “Ron there’s something different about you!”
Ron couldn’t contain himself. “I’ve got hair he cried!” ”And so you have,” said the Dog and with that we all gathered round Ron touching and caressing his wig.
The downside to Ron’s wig was when the temperature got above 90 degrees fahrenheit, a yellow gooey, gluey substance would run down the side of his face.


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