The Devil’s Bridge of Ceredigion.

The Devil’s Bridge of Ceredigion,
Photograph by Mark Kent/Wikimedia
If the medieval legends are to be believed, the devil was a prolific architect.
All around Europe are bridges known as the Devil’s Bridge, each with a story of soul-selling deals and outwitting satan.
These stories that developed independently of each other likely were related to the gravity-defying structure of these bridges, the likes of which had rarely been seen and seemed beyond the possibilities of human hands.
Unholy Features: This Devil’s Bridge in Ceredigion, Wales, is actually three bridges stacked strangely on top of each other — the oldest at the bottom being from 1075-1200, the second from 1753, and the third from 1902 — all looming over a yawning ravine in the woods.
You can descend to the oldest bridge on a set of stairs called Jacob’s Ladder.
Deal with the Devil: The story goes that the the ravine was too steep for mortal architecture, so the devil offered the traditional deal which was to take the soul of the first to cross.
It ended up being an overly excited dog.
Continue on to the other bridges via A Most Unholy Architecture: Six Devil’s Bridges | Atlas Obscura.

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