The Toff’s Report, OGL Luncheon, 16 Feb. 2018

I hate doing these reports but I will because Parham has promised me a bottle of Californian wine when he  comes up to my Bridgewater Mansion to visit (he thinks). As you know I will drink any wine from anywhere in the world as long as it is FREE.

Hghlight of the Luncheon was of course.
Jenny Easther being made a Legend and she told us about her life as a compulsive chatter box, selling Avon and Choccies and being outspoken (I think we call that being a pain in the arse).
‘Jenny, We all cried when you told us Avon were going online and you would have to find a new second job’.

It was pleasing to note that Don Flash Woolman and Brian Grubby Hartshorne are still friends.
Ray The Informer Belt was a bit worried when they first walked in and sat at different tables, then gave each other the finger.

Great to see Trevor Roberts and Darryl  O’Keefe at the Luncheon, both former Log Cabineers.
Unfortunately Geoff Michell could not make it, as his daughter was in hospital and Con Rogers was having a knee operation.
Another blast from the past was Ian Russell (Printer) and wife Yvonne attending.
Ian, who thinks he is quite special could not work out why he wasn’t already on top of The Legends Board. 
Great meals and thanks to Dane and staff at Westies.

Next LUNCHEON is on Friday, 20 April, 2018 at 12 Noon at Westies.

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