Brian Hartshorne.

Brian Hartshorne was born on the 10th May 1941. He was educated at Westbourne Park, Welland and Glenelg Primary Schools and finally Goodwood High School.
In June 1956, Brian began work at the Old Guv as a Comp Room shit boy and was signed up as an Apprentice Compositor in May 1957.
When young Alex Riley arrived at the Guv in January 1958 as a Comp Room shit boy he was introduced to Brian and told that he was the Senior Apprentice and role model.
Little did he know that his life under Brian would become a constant barrage of sinister tricks.
Brian was given the nickname GRUBBY during a morning tea break that turned into a very grubby affair.
Somehow a body part belonging to one Kevin Stack-Neale ended up in his coffee mug, much to Brian’s dismay.
Brian chucked the mug away and returned with a similar mug from which he drank from – so he claims.
John Eastgate who had witnessed the first incident called him a grubby bastard, not knowing the mug had been changed. So the name GRUBBY was born along with the assistance of Albert Wellman.
Grubby, along with brother Reg, joined the West Beach Life Saving Club as a junior and by 18 he was a high achiever saving no less than 11 young girls from drowning.
However, only one of those girls was actually drowning and all the other 10 young women had bikinis and beautiful bodies and were not in any danger of drowning.
In 1959 Grubby won the State Junior Champion Ski Award at Goolwa Beach.
Brian married his beloved June, in June 1963 and in the same year bought a house at Netley. They had a son, David in November 1977 and have a 10 year old granddaughter, Sophie. Grubby, like most of the Intertype operators seeking to curry favour with their aging boss joined the Jack Findlay Rifle Club and soon he became a crack shot.
Grubs created history at the Guv when he successfully appealed the Government Printer’s nomination for Intertype foreman which incurred the wrath of Brian James.

But our Grubbs when called up to Brian James Office (the then GP) for a bollocking, fired back and mentioned the union would be contacted if what he (Brian James) said ever eventuated. Well done Brian.
Brian “GRUBBY” Hartshorne, you are truly a Legend to Behold.
The Toff