The Nebiolo Printech Company, Turin.

I must admit that whenever I came across Italian Nebiolo products in the printing industry there was always someone standing by cursing or belting shit out of their Nebiolo letterpress machine or running the hell away from the Nebitype Hot Metal Linecaster.38896n_1
The tradespeople could never get used to Nebiolo machinery after having used the excellent german Heidleberg Letterpress machines or the very reliable american Ludlow Typograph.
thompson-528x754The Nebitype
The Nebiolo Printech S.p.A. company was a manufacturer of printing presses and typecasters and formerly a type foundry.
Nebiolo & Co. was created when Giovanni Nebiolo bought out the type foundry of G. Narizzano in Turin, Italy, in 1852.
In 1908 the company merged with the Urania Company and operated under the name Augustea and began to buy out many smaller foundries.
In 1916 it was again renamed Società Nebiolo. Fiat bought the press manufacturing business in 1978, turning the type business over to Italiana Caratteri.
In 1992 it became Nebiolo Printech S.p.A. and continues to manufacture offset presses under that name today.
via Nebiolo Printech, Wikipedia.

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