The Rare Moustached Kingfisher.

sfw_kingfisher-head_p9141840_mainThe mysterious moustached kingfisher (Actenoides bougainvillei excelsus). Image Credit: R. Moyle.
by Becky Crew.
The rare moustached kingfisher has been photographed for the first time amid a controversial expedition.
Feast your eyes on this dapper gentleman: this is the first male moustached kingfisher (Actenoides bougainvillei excelsus) ever seen, and the only photograph of the species in existence.
Recently spotted in the remote, moss-covered jungles of Guadalcanal, the largest isle in the Solomon Island Archipelago, this bright-blue bird with the golden crown gave researchers quite a show before being snared in one of the their ultra-fine mist nets.
“There, in plain sight, pumping its tail, crest alert, in full colours, was the moustached kingfisher,” reads the field journal by Chris Filardi, director of Pacific Programs at the American Museum of Natural History’s Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation.
“And then, like a ghost, it was gone.”
Source: First look at the moustached kingfisher – Australian Geographic

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