Cyril Barson, ‘The Clown’.

On a few occasions I was guilty of taking the Piss out of Cyril Baron. But most times, I was completely innocent. Many times I would be setting away in my frame busily working.
Frank Lock would say, “Cyril, Warren’s making faces at You again!” Cyril would storm over to my frame and say, “Stop, making faces at me.”
“Fuck off!” I would answer. Then, there’d be an almighty blue between the two of us! Locky would chuckle to himself…
The best gag I did was to have a cartoon caricature of Cyril drawn. Then I got Burke Stone to make a printing block and Geoff Clarke printed a thousand copies off for me.
For the next 6 months these pictures would pop up on the notice board, on the ceiling, outside Cyril’s window and dangling from the Jobbing Room window.
Deep down I’m positive Cyril loved being the centre of all this attention. Cyril and his mate Sid Ball loved their Mother England.
When Ray Illingworth’s Mob looked like they would lose the final Cricket test in Sydney and the Ashes series, both Cyril and Sid worked out in the back room. We were told to “Keep Out.”
When England got up and Won they both came roaring back to the Comp Room arm in arm and singing “There will Always be an England” and quoting their beloved hero Winston Churchill.
Those were the days my friend!
Cyril had the Honour of being the only retiring compositor to be carried at shoulder height through the Netley Comp Room on his last working day!

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