A Quiet Day at The Old Guv.

Half way through my apprenticeship I was working on Ivan Merrett’s staff.
One Thursday Ivan sent me out to the back room (near the front office back door).
I was to spend the afternoon setting the large type that was used on maps. “Sit down”. “Get yourself a cup of coffee”. Ivan said. I just couldn’t believe it.
Once settled who should come around the corner but Big Dogs (Peter Cornish). He looked at my cup. “Ah, Coffee”, he said and then spat in it. He then stirred it with a 12 point lead space.I saw red and threw the coffee in his face.
It was on, punches, pushing, shoving and Swearing. Jeff Brand and Ivan heard the commotion, they flew through the passage and held us apart. We were now abusing and threatening to kill each other.
Big Dogs being so unfit stood panting by a work bench for the next half hour. Ivan sent me to the Royal Adelaide Hospital for stitches for a deep cut on my left arm.
I sat there for five hours in the Emergency Room but no one saw me, so I went home.
My Dad blew me out for fighting and missing Trade School that night!
Big Dogs probably went to the Pub…

Warren Pietsch

3 thoughts on “A Quiet Day at The Old Guv.

  1. Sure that I saw panting as painting in line :"Big Dog . . ." Maybe someone, could not imagine who, corrected it before you saw it,


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