Warren Pietsch, 1949-2014.

warren 001Sadly, our friend and workmate Warren Pietsch passed away on 24 October, 2014, after suffering a brain aneurism.
It was a great loss to his family and friends.
Warren was born in July, 1949 and always claimed he was a distant relative of the Prussian Royal family.
He lived at Myrtle Bank and attended Goodwood Boy’s Tech before starting at the Old Guv in the mid 1960s as a hot metal apprentice.
Sid Ball once said, “Warren was brilliant for a “shit boy”, he always kept me supplied with Fags and Newspapers and only charged a few bob a trip.”
Outside of work he was a fervent West Adelaide Football supporter, Marx Brothers and John Wayne groupie, Blues fan and excellent South Adelaide Basketballer.
He married Christine, and had two daughters Hollie and Natasha and in time adopted a hairy dog known only as Ralph. Inside of work he was the head bullet loader, King of Payback and the Elephant Man of Memory. He was nicknamed “Abo” by Rod Stone because of the funny way he used  to sling darts at the Pub dart board.
He was also the World’s Leading authority on the collecting and conversion of “free firewood”.
Who were his closest friends? One would guess that it was Bruce Gow, Nick Penn, Rod Baker amongst a host of others.
Let’s hope that memories of the late Sid Ball, Harry Kinder, Jimmy Tennant, Takis Lavithis and Cyril the Clown will always be with him. God Bless you Mister Pietsch.
Rod Parham

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