Elderly Bloke whinges about Mobile Phones and Social Media.

My first mobile phone was an analog “brick” given to me as a “hand me down” as part of my job as a union organiser.
No-one else wanted it.
At the time, I thought about how I had managed to do my job quite successfully over the years without a mobile phone. 
Then my son Danny taught me how to use a laptop, with very little explanation I might add. But then he is a tech genius.
After some time I signed up with Twitter only because 140 characters for a tweet seemed achievable even for me.
Nowadays, I don’t use Twitter.
Facebook was a disaster because my account was soon hacked and people were receiving all sorts of strange messages from me that made me sound like a raving loony pervert.
What annoyed me about Facebook was I was swamped with useless bits of information about people’s lives.
I didn’t want to know if they had tomato sauce on their pie for lunch or whether they had  a decent bowel movement that morning. I no longer use Facebook.
“Truthfully though, I do find a mobile phone useful in emergency situations.
Texting people can be useful for appointments and directions because no-one seems to answer voice mail anymore”.
Although, please, please, be careful when sending texts of an amorous nature. Make sure you are not misunderstood.


Only God knows what it is like for some of my older friends.
If they have a query with a Government department they ring the relevant section and after waiting for an hour they are told by a voice it’s quicker to look it up on their home computer.
What bloody computer?
Most of my friends who are over 80 don’t have a computer.
It’s cruel you know to put that sort of pressure on older people who are just trying to stay alive.
No wonder there are so many scams committed against older people on the internet.

Luckily, I have a nine year old grandson Seamus who is a kind boy and helps me out, whenever I need help.
Rod Parham (derwombat)

2 thoughts on “Elderly Bloke whinges about Mobile Phones and Social Media.

  1. You are not alone, Rod.
    I refuse to get a mobile phone or an iPhone; they are the scourge of the world, in my opinion.
    What sh*ts me is websites which insist I add a mobile phone number to join them. They don’t even have the decency of an option for a landline, which is totally discriminatory; they presume everyone has a mobile – and a computer.
    I manage quite well with the landline – while they are still available.
    When they are not – well, I’ll cross that bridge when it happens.

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