Why The Famous 1917 Russian October Revolution Was In November.

In 1917, Russians marched against their monarchy over the scarcity of food with riots and strikes.
These riots erupted in Petrograd (now St. Petersburg) on two separate occasions; 7 March, in what is known as the ‘February revolution’ and 7 November, in what we now called the ‘October revolution’.
I don’t know if you’ve noticed the weird thing here; why do we call a revolution that started in March as the February revolution and the one that started in November as the October revolution?
Well, even though it does seem confusing, there’s a very simple explanation behind this “paradox”.
It all had to do with the fact that in 1917, Russia had not yet switched from the old Julian calendar to the new Gregorian calendar.
As a result, because the Julian calendar was 11 days behind the Gregorian calendar, when they finally made the switch after the Bolshevic Revolution, both of the events were recalculated and converted under the new calendar and that’s the reason why the events appear to be in the following month.
Simple, isn’t it?
Source: Why The Famous October Revolution Was In November And The February Revolution In March? – I’m A Useless Info Junkie

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