Brief History of Port Pirie in South Australia.

pp3The Town of Port Pirie:
1885: First load of ore received at Port Pirie from Broken Hill by road in August.
1889: British Broken Hill Pty Co Ltd blew in first blast furnace on June 27. Refinery established by The Broken Hill Proprietary Co Ltd (BHP).
1890: British Broken Hill Pty Co Ltd discontinued smelting at Port Pirie in June and later began smelting at Broken Hill. Pirie Smeltery leased to syndicate including BHP.
1892: Smeltery purchased by BHP.
1897: BHP transferred all smelting activities to Port Pirie
1905: The Zinc Corporation Limited (ZC) registered in Melbourne in September to treat zinc bearing tailings at Broken Hill.
1915: Port Pirie works resulted in the formation of The Broken Hill Associated Smelters Proprietary Limited (BHAS) on May 7. Port Pirie plant taken over in June.
1917: New central power plant commissioned in November.


1919: Beginning of the big strike at Broken Hill, May 20, and discontinuance of ore supplies for Port Pirie. Lead smelting operations ceased at Port Pirie.
1921: Production resumed at Broken Hill. Smelting recommenced at Port Pirie on January 17.
1922: Granulation of blast furnace slag introduced.
1924: EZ Contact Acid Plant commissioned in March.
1925: BHP sold its shareholding in BHAS to the other partners .System of round table conferences established at Broken Hill and Port Pirie for industrial agreements.
1928: Delivery of molten bullion to Refinery commenced in January. Telpher system placed in operation in July.
1929: Furnaces fed direct from Telphers as from January.
1931: First Plant Scale unit (Softener Furnace) brought into operation in what was to become the new Continuous Refinery.
1934: Parting Plant brought into operation, virtually completing the new Continuous Refinery.
1936: First double row furnace came into operation, October.
1938: Mechanised transport fleet replaces horses.
1939: Broad gauge rail line laid in Works area.
1941: New Dwight and Lloyd Plant brought into operation.
1944: First ore production on limited scale by New Broken Hill Consolidated Limited. Port Pirie connected to Morgan – Whyalla pipeline.
1946: Oil Replaced coal in Power Plant.
1949: BHAS Adelaide office opened.
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