Printing Machinist’s Roller Gauge.

Roller Gauge
This is a metal tool that vaguely resembles a lollipop. One end has a metal cylinder which has a diameter of .918″ (type high), connected to a long handle.
When slid along the bed of the press under inked rollers, a the width of stripe of ink left on the cylinder will signify the height of the rollers.
Proper roller height will leave a mark approximately 1/16″ wide (~2mm, or the width of a nickel).
No mark or a hairline mark shows that your rollers are too high.
A wide mark shows that rollers are too low.
When checking height, each roller should be checked on both sides of the press bed.
Damaged rollers will produce skewed results.roller gauges.
Story and Image Credit: Kyle Van Horn.
Source: General Tools and Supplies – Letterpress Commons

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