Netley Print Room Nightshift.

001Dear Rod,
I was cleaning out my cupboards at home the other day and lo and behold I found some old photos under a mountain of ink and high quality paper that  seems to have found a home at my place.
The photo is of the Old Guv Printing Nightshift at Netley
The bloke furthest away in the photo is a lovely bloke Craig (The Bikie) Dunk who lives in Queensland now I believe.
To the right of the photo is Ian (Titch) Nattrass holding the cup.
The Printer holding the sheet is me (David Walker) pretending I know what I’m doing (as always).
I don’t know what happened to Titch Nattrass after he took the first Package.
If someone out there knows the whereabouts of Ian can you let me know because I would like to catch up with him if I could.
dave walker

7 thoughts on “Netley Print Room Nightshift.

  1. Hi, Dave, it’s Nick here – There is a tall bloke partially hidden to the left of Craig, can you zoom in to see who it is for us?


  2. Bobdownsankissmyarse left a message for Dave Walker:

    Ian Tich Nattrass: I contacted him about 6 years ago when Nancy and i were up at the sunshine coast Queensland. He was then working for a printing company in Maroochydore, I only talked to him via a phone call.
    Cheers Bob


    • Hi Nick.
      No Rod is wrong It’s Big Bad Bob Kaenne. Ian didn’t like Night shift and hardly worked it. I’m 100% sure it’s Bob back there


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